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Don't just put up with the pain - get it sorted today

At Natural Balance Chartered Physiotherapy we have the capabilities and the qualified team to help heal any sport injuries the people of Chester may have.


Whether it's a sprained ankle, a broken leg, knee or back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and much more, we can provide the treatment that's right for you, helping ease and fix your pain, and then providing the aftercare you need for a full recovery.

We have the treatments and rehab programmes available to deal with any sports injury you may have, dealing with pre and post-surgery patients, offering care and support until you are fully rehabilitated.


We can offer sports massage and advice on many rehabilitation exercises proven to release stress and pain, strengthening your body and helping to prevent future sports injuries.

Our programmes and rehabilitation

You can speak to one of our friendly and expert physiotherapists, who offer a first 45 minute consultation to discuss with you the sports injury you have and offer our expert advice and support to deal with the issue.


With Natural Balance Chartered Physiotherapy we believe in not only healing the injury but even improving your life, with programmes available for you to achieve the best performance and fitness. So if you live in Chester or the nearby areas, call now and get your injury fixed.

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From sprained ankles to tennis elbow, we can offer sports massage and exercises to deal with your problem. Call

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