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Try out ultrasound treatment

Natural Balance Chartered Physiotherapy are a big proponent in ultrasound treatment, being a form of mechanical vibration sound energy, not electrical energy, above the level of our normal human hearing range.


We use it to reduce pain, speed the rate of healing and enhance the quality of the repair to injured tissues, providing a fantastic and stress free treatment to the people of Chester, with its benefits quick to see.

Ultrasound can be used to help treat a number of injuries and pains, specifically soft tissue problems, musculoskeletal problems and can help with sports injuries and other related problems.


Although why the use of this sound energy can be so effective in treating these problems, the benefits and the effects of the treatment are clear to see, which is why we recommend it to many patients.

What can ultrasound help with?

Based in Chester, the people here at Natural Balance Chartered Physiotherapy are all fully qualified and expert physiotherapists, and our ultrasound treatment is just one of many physiotherapy treatments we offer to help treat our patients.


Each person is different, as is each pain and problem and we treat you as such, working with you to find the treatment and programme perfect for you. Contact us today to book your first consultation.

Recommended by our experts

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