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Your goals are our goals

With a friendly and compassionate team, when you visit Natural Balance Chartered Physiotherapy in Chester the goal you wish to achieve with your treatment we will strive with you to meet that target.


We will provide pain relief through physiotherapy, because when you're in pain you want someone to diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. As chartered physiotherapists, we identify your problems and have a range of treatments to help reduce your pain.

Back pain and sciatica

Sports injuries

Postural correction

Muscular and joint problems

Repetitive strain

Work-related upper limb disorders

Twists, sprains, aches and pains

Female incontinence, bowel and bladder problems

Ruptured muscles, Achilles tendons, knee and ankle ligaments

Broken arms and legs

Dislocated shoulders

Everyday problems that we treat include:

With these problems we believe it is best for you to come up with a goal you wish to achieve by working with us to find the best solution, whether it is to improve your performance or return to full fitness.


Once we've reduced your pain the next stage is to get you back to work, sport and life. Identifying where your problems lie enables us to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and control so you regain your fitness and return to life’s daily activities.


When you've returned to your daily activities we can help reduce the risk of problems recurring and take you to new levels of wellbeing and performance through our range of programmes available, improving your overall health and as such quality of life. We don't just stop at treatment; we go that extra bit further with you.


Physiotherapy goals

We can help achieve your goals whether to just diagnose your pain or the overall improvement of your health. Call

01244 680 214 for more info